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es hora de dormir!

Seven of Diamonds Beer Packaging http://ift.tt/1jNsz0m
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3D Paper

These delicate letters seem so fragile. Like me, you might be fooled into thinking they have been quilled, but they are from a personal personal 3D project of Dan Hoopert. They’ve been beautifully constructed with all the swirls and loops.   

You might remember Dan’s popular architectural, wireframe letters from a while ago, also made with Cinema 4D.

Wonderful Watercolor Package Designs | The Dieline

When a brand chooses to use watercolor in their package design, often times they are looking for a specific look and feel. We’ve selected 15 Wonderful Watercolor Package Designs, ranging from seafood from Carr & Sons to Tesco’s Fresh Soup and Crabtree & Evelyn’s Keystone Florals Range.

Dont fuck with me
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Cool t-shirt designs | From up North

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